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We take a special interest in genius-minded students, individuals and groups with creative abilities and problem-solving initiatives. We help such people nurture, grow and achieve their brilliant innovations. Mustard team Community mostly encourage young scientists and entrepreneur to take this opportunity with both hands. Our mission is to see that our dear country attains a global relevance while it pursues a productive economic diversification for sustainable development, we therefore develop innovations that are carefully tailored towards National development, especially in the areas of production of ‘proudly Nigerian’ goods and services. Once again, the beneficiaries are strictly:

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Combining academic excellence to business and socio-economic distinction is what we do here in the mustard team. We motivate privileged students by drawing them closer to their dreams, helping them grow their passion, and realize those creativity borne from within. It always go beyond the four walls of a classroom, therefore, build from tomorrow, starting from today.


No idea is a waste, no one person cannot attain, we are all formed with a spark of genius within us. We encourage youths to engage their subconscious, produce golden ideas, and we help make it real at mustard team network.


it is always said that there is strength in number and team everyone achieves more. We provide support to group of individuals that share a common idea and help bring their ideas into reality through our support schemes and empowerment platforms

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