Mustard team network does not operate a fixed interest rate on loans. Our interest rates vary and is dependent on the purpose for member needs and their negotiating power. The loan requests pass through thorough scrutiny within the shortest time possible and is delivered in real time. The highest rate for interest on loans is 5% monthly.

◼Short Term Loan Service which runs for (1 – 30 days)

◼Long Term Loan Service which runs for (2 – 18 months)

Types of Loans

Loan Terms and Requirements:

Mustard team Network cooperative society loan comes with conditions as follows:
  • Must be a registered and active member.
  • Must possess a valid means of identification
  • Must be ready to sign a legal agreement with our management
  • Ability to meet up with the loan duration, failure of which will attract more interest until full payment.
  • Loan application provides details of two (2) guarantors whose combined assets (applicant’s inclusive) valuation must fully pay for the loan.
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